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How to apply for University accommodation in China

How to apply for University accommodation in China

Each university has a variety of room typesand facilities and its own distinctive identity and social calendar. When youapply for accommodation you will usually be able to choose a college, letlength and room type.

Keypoints to consider before you apply:

1.Spend time reviewing thefacilities, price, payment installment and social life of each of the collegeaccommodation.

2.Decide on at least twopreferred combinations of college, room type, and let length because your firstpreference may not always be available when applying since the accommodation isusually allocated on a first-book-first-served basis.

3.Some universities locateaccommodation when students arrive at the campus, that is to say, you don’tneed to book the room in advance, while some other universities require you tobook the accommodation before you arrive the university due to the limitationof rooms available, usually these universities will require deposit and willreturn to you after you arrive on time. So please make it clear aboutaccommodation arrangement of the university.

4.For safety, most ofuniversities don’t allow new undergraduate students to live off-campus, but forpostgraduate students, you might be permitted to rent a room outside theuniversity.

Some universities’ accommodation booking ismanaged through an online system and students can express a preference for aparticular hall, however this cannot be guaranteed. For universities don’t havean online system, students can contact the university directly by email orphone call or contact their education agent to make an application on students’behalf.

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